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Rawa W.

“Two things made me choose Gina’s College the first one is the location, being in the centre of the city make it easier to travel by bus. The second one is College reputation and after lots of research I knew that Gina’s is the best in hands on and in applying our knowledge while we are learning in school. Gina’s College takes the education process very seriously and that is what I liked about them. I had a good time there and I learned a lot and I felt as part of a family. We had three different instructors through the whole course and all are professional, serious and knowledgeable, Leigh Andrea with her passion to beauty and her well planning for the time make her a good instructor, she gives lots of attention to every little details. Liyla (Electrolysis Instructor) she has lots of experience in this field, she takes her time to help and support and she is very patient. Sarah (Laser Instructor) with her beautiful smile makes everything easy and possible. she is a very hard worker, organized and support a lot. The learning environment is professional and very quiet which it make it easier to concentrate, they have all the necessary devices for the learning and practice process.If you are looking for a serious school that gives lots of education and practice time and professional environment then consider Gina’s College. I would like to thank Gina’s for all the help and support and wish Gina’s all the best.”