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you are considering a career in aesthetics choose the CIDESCO INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA PROGRAM now offered at Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics.

The passion and commitment to the highest standards in the Gina’s College education programs prepares students to take the International CIDESCO Examination. By passing this exam, beauty and aesthetics professionals earn the prestigious world-renowned CIDESCO International Beauty Therapist Diploma. A CIDESCO Diploma is the world’s most highly recognized qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy.


CIDESCO is the world’s foremost international beauty therapy association. The organization was founded in 1946 with its head office in Zurich, Switzerland. This international association of cosmetologists, aestheticians and beauty technicians promotes aesthetics worldwide.

Since 1957, the CIDESCO qualification has established standards that have been accepted over five continents across the globe. It unites members from many countries on both a national and international level. Today, CIDESCO is represented in over 33 countries and encourages the exchange of professional knowledge, new developments, and information. Yearly international congresses are held all over the world, where professional aestheticians can stay on top of cutting-edge advancements and share ideas and experience with their peers.

International Cidesco Schools:

There are over 200 CIDESCO schools around the world. Each adheres to the internationally acclaimed CIDESCO standards in their teaching, leading students to qualify for the prestigious CIDESCO Diploma. These schools’ aesthetics programs must teach the CIDESCO curriculum established by an international Education Committee. Schools are required to conform to high standards and requirements regarding their facilities, equipment, and the treatment methods taught. Gina’s College is proud to be a member of this reputable group of educators.
Schools approved by CIDESCO International have to provide a training period of at least 1200 hours and follow the educational standards established by CIDESCO. Students undergo practical and theoretical examinations, which are supervised by an International Examiner appointed by CIDESCO.
Candidates for the diploma are obliged to be a member of their CIDESCO National Section. Contact Gina’s College for information on how you can enroll and participate in the CIDESCO Program. You can visit http://www.cidesco.com for additional information.

Advantages Of Being A Cidesco Diploma Holder

This world-renowned qualification is the pinnacle of professionalism, opening doors to many prestigious career opportunities all over the world. Potential employers and clients recognize the value and skills that the CIDESCO achievement represents.

How To Obtain A Cidesco Diploma?

Gina’s College continues to offer an Advanced Aesthetics and Spa Beauty Therapy CIDESCO Diploma Course. This curriculum prepares our students for the international exam. The CIDESCO Diploma is awarded to candidates who have passed both practical and written examinations and have completed at least 600 hours of salon experience. CIDESCO Diploma holders also receive a CIDESCO Badge that is instantly recognized globally as a sign of excellence, expertise, knowledge, and professionalism.

Broaden your horizons and discover a world of opportunities. Grow your business and become in-demand for employers and potential clients. CIDESCO is “the world standard for beauty and spa therapy.” Start earning your diploma today.