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Advanced Skin Care – Oncology Skin Care

A new field called “ONCODERMATOLOGY” provides a specialized approach to caring for skins while undergoing or after cancer treatment. Sensitized skins on cancer patients and couperose, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis all share common symptoms that may cause discomforts of different intensity. Discover how to take care of skin suffering from such conditions using the newest science backed products lines for sensitive skins by Diego dalla Palma. Today, more than ever, the support of dermocosmetics and oncology aesthetics has a fundamental role before, during and after cancer therapies because it improves the quality of life of the persons experiencing them. With this course, you will be able to offer these much-needed treatments to a clientele that has been previously been ignored.

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    Course Overview

    Hands-On Practical:

    Aesthetics is a hands-on trade, so in-person class training with our experienced instructors is essential to succeed! Perfect your skills under the watchful eye of our instructor.

    Professional Supply Kit

    Our expertly designed professional kits feature the best practical tools and pro products you need. Plus you can use it after you graduate to jumpstart your career!

    Instructor Support

    Our knowledgeable instructors are always available to support you in your learning. Whether in class or online, you will benefit from their experience and guidance.


    Earn a certificate once you’ve graduated your course, to prove you have the reputable credentials to back up your new skills!

    Payment Options

    Affordable payment plans, financing and funding may be available –get in touch to see what you are eligible for!

    Course Duration

    1 class

    Course Details

    Topics Covered
    • Understanding cancer treatment and the effects on skin
    • What to look for and how to manage highly sensitized skins
    • What makes a skincare line oncology safe?
    • Oncology massage techniques
    • Treatment protocols
    • How to recommend homecare and practical advice for after care

    Aesthetics diploma or Skin Care fundamentals certificate

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