Our varied, natural and holistic spa courses can complement your current aesthetic approaches and offer welcome, popular service additions for your clients.



Stone Massage Therapy is a Holistic Treatment based on the application and use of hot basalt stones to massage and assist the body in self-healing by balancing energies.

A popular treatment among massage therapists, aromatherapists, aestheticians, spa therapists and virtually anyone involved with massage, stone massage is beneficial to a number of clients. Practitioners discover that the stress and strain on their hands and wrists is virtually non-existent when practicing this technique.


- Facility and equipment setup
- Client preparation and consultation
- Theory of hot stone massage
- Proper stone placement
- Massage technique with stones
- Introduction to the chakras
- Relaxation techniques



Spas have always been holistic by nature – places that provide balance among the mind, body, and spirit. Our unique spa courses are designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the booming spa industry. Using specialized equipment and technologies and European cosmetic treatments available in our clinic, students will learn applications to help them grow their business and expand their knowledge. They’ll learn the benefits and uses of the most popular and up-to-date body therapies available today. Applicants must have an aesthetic diploma or skin care certificate -- and an interest in the promotion of body and


- Cellulite and stretch mark treatments
- Figure analysis
- Body wraps
- Electrotherapy for the body
- Client management
- Use of various specialized equipment
- Body exfoliation
- Mud treatments
- Spa concept
- Sea algae treatments

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aroma therapy


Aromatherapy acts on the “mind and body” philosophy to relieve common ailments through the use of customized blends of essential oils. With this holistic approach, relaxation and tranquility can be reached to maintain health and beauty. Aromatherapy can be incorporated into many treatments, including facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, scalp treatments, and more. This course is ideal for anyone interested in wellness, and as a supplement to any beauty service knowledge.

Expand your client offerings by studying with us. Our spa courses will help you expand your clientele and offer pleasing additions for those who already use your services.



Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique based on alternative medicinal practices, specifically energy flow and chakras. Incorporate this holistic technique to enhance your menu of services.