The Curriculum

- Hygiene & Sterilization
- Study of Hair and Related Organs
- Skin Disorders and the Endocrine System
- Theory and Use of Thermolysis & Blend
- General laser & light physics
- Clinical hands on training and practice

We also offer comprehensive laser and IPL training courses online to give our students a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of this lucrative business. Our laser and IPL certification training program is offered via virtual classroom format.

- Types of lasers and IPL
- Safety training in the use of lasers and IPL
- Laser and IPL for hair removal
- Laser and IPL photo rejuvenation
- Laser and IPL for acne, vascular and pigmented lesions
- The business of lasers

Achievement Level – Diploma

Become more employable and earn more money! This course fully prepares our graduates to work as electrologists and laser technicians. Medical spas and beauty clinics have clients seeking the newest and most comprehensive treatments, and you will be ready to provide them. You can choose to be self-employed, work as a sales representative, or do consulting work.

Gain hands-on experience under an instructor’s supervision while performing a complete range of laser services including: Laser hair removal (including Photofacials for aged skin, Treatments for Acne, Vascular & Pigmented lesions.

Electrolysis is medically recognized as being a permanent hair removal method for face and body. As more laser hair removal clinics are opening to meet market needs, the demand for skilled electrologists is also growing.  Today, electrologists are busier than ever  -- providing laser services (and electrolysis treatments for those hair types difficult to treat with laser).

This course will teach students the most common modalities used in electrolysis and laser, as students will master hand techniques and accuracy of insertions. Students will also be able to analyze the causes of hair growth in order to provide the appropriate treatment effectively and safely.

Practical studies in the school clinic (using the latest computerized equipment) will reinforce theory learned and enable students to develop their abilities to work confidently and effectively.

Augment your skillset and boost your career in the beauty industry with IPL laser training online and earn your Electrolysis and Light Technology Diploma. Call Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics at (519) 886-2998.