Nail Technology and Feet


This course is the basis for nail technology, teaching fundamentals for nail health and safety. Our students work with the most well-known and respected professional brands  – OPI and CND.


Topics of study:

  • Common chemistry used by nail technicians
  • Adhesives and adhesion
  • Nail tips and artificial nails
  • Nail biting
  • Salon safety



Manicures are the most often requested services in salons and spas. Learn everything you need to know about how to perform a classic manicure, professional nail polish application, hand and arm massage, French manicures and spa hand treatments including the use of paraffin. Our students learn using the industry’s most well-known and respected professional brands – OPI and CND – and learn about the latest trends in the industry, including nail art, CND’s Shellac and OPI’s GelColor manicures.


Graduates can work in nail clinics, as educators for nail cosmetic distributors, or operate their own business.


Topics of Study Include:

  • Cosmetics for the Nails and Hands
  • Anatomy of the Hands
  • Disorders of the Nails
  • Spa Hand Treatments
  • Salon Hygiene & Sterilization



Pedicures are one of the most requested services in many salons and spas. Learn everything you need to know about how to do a natural nail care pedicure, spa foot treatment, and special foot care. Our students learn using the industry’s most well-known and respected professional brands – OPI and CND – and learn about the latest trends in the industry, including nail art, CND’s Shellac and OPI’s GelColor pedicures.

Graduates can work in nail clinics, chiropodist’s office, freelance in nursing homes taking care of the elderly nails & feet, as educators for nail cosmetic distributors or operate their own business.

Topics of Study Include:

  • Cosmetics for the Nails and Feet
  • Knowledge of Specialized Foot Care Products
  • Anatomy of the Feet and Lower Legs
  • Disorders of the Nails and Feet
  • Chiropody
  • Foot and Leg Massage
  • Spa Foot Treatments
  • Salon Hygiene & Sterilization



Stone Massage Therapy is a Holistic Treatment basedon the the use of hot basalt stone to massage and assist the body in self healing by balancing energies.

A popular treatment with clients and also with massage therapists, aromatherapists, aestheticians, spa therapists and virtually anyone involved with massage as they discover that the stress and strain to their hands and wrist are virtually eliminated when practicing this technique.


Topics of Study:

  • Facility and Equipment set up
  • Client Preparation & Consultation
  • Theory of Hot Stone Massage
  • Hot Stone Treatment: Proper Stone Placement, Massage Technique using Stones, Introduction to the Chakras, Relaxation Techniques



Spas have always been holistic by nature – a place that provides balance of the mind, body and spirit. This unique course is designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the booming spa industry. Using specialized equipment and technologies, and European cosmetic treatments available in our clinic, students will learn the benefits and uses of the most popular and up to date body therapies available today. Applicants must have an esthetic diploma or skin care certificate and have an interest in the promotion of body and mind health.


Topics of Study Include:

  • cellulite and stretch marks treatments
  • figure analysis
  • body wraps
  • electrotherapy for the body
  • client management
  • use of various specialized equipment
  • body exfoliation
  • mud treatments
  • Spa concept
  • Sea algae treatments



Aromatherapy acts on the “Mind & Body” philosophy to relieve common ailments through the use of customized blends of essential oils. With this holistic approach relaxation and tranquility can be reached to maintain health and beauty. Aromatherapy can be incorporated into many treatments, including facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, scalp treatments and more. This course is ideal for anyone interested in wellness, and as a supplement to any beauty service knowledge.


Makeup Art & Design

The Professional Make Up Course instructs students in the art and design of makeup, with emphasis on techniques and practical applications. Our professional makeup course uses international professional makeup, and qualifies students for professional pricing for leading brands, including MAC and Color Therapy by Diego Dalla Palma.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared for a variety of career opportunities in the field. Typical clients would include photographers, magazine editors, fashion designers, hairstylists, advertising agencies, and cosmetic companies. Beauty make up course graduates can also freelance offering their services to private individuals for make up applications, private lessons, wedding parties & special occasions. This is the ideal program for creative individuals with a passion for beauty, fashion and the latest trends..


Topics of study include:

  • The Study of Colour
  • Identifying Facial Forms
  • Corrective Makeup Techniques
  • Makeup Applications for Day Wear
  • Evening and Special Occasions
  • Bride and Bridal Party
  • Fashion and Photography
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • False Lashes
  • Product Knowledge



Become a more versatile and in-demand artist by enhancing your makeup techniques using airbrushing. Our hands on professional make up course prepares you for the new opportunities emerging thanks to high definition and digital technology. Airbrushing makeup will broaden your skill set, enable you to achieve flawless coverage, and expand your career opportunities.

Topics include:

  • various airbrushing application techniques for a variety of looks
  • camouflage makeup
  • fantasy makeup
  • sunless tanning



Enhance your career opportunities with this in-demand service! Permanent lash extensions are quickly becoming one of the most popular beauty services, and Gina’s College has prepared a course to give you the high quality training that is essential for your success. Taught by our experienced and highly knowledgeable lash technicians, this hands-on course will leave you with the necessary training and supplies to get started in the lash business right away.

  •  Introduction to Semi Permanent Eye Lashes
  •  Understanding tools and products needed: including use of various lash styles, lengths and thicknesses, glues, removers etc
  • How to choose the correct lashes for the client
  • Extension Procedures
  • Customizing lashes for each eye shape and client request
  • Proper Removal of semi-permanent lashes
  •  Problem Solving Techniques
  •  Home Care & Maintenance of Lashes
  • And more…



Join our film and television makeup artist for 9 weeks of advanced training with a special focus on film and television work based on her extensive experience working as an artist on television news, fashion week in Europe, The Shopping Channel and more.



This area of the industry is experiencing tremendous growth. Our program fully prepares its graduates to work as laser technicians, in medical spas and beauty clinics with clients seeking the newest and most comprehensive laser treatments. They may also be employed as sales representatives, be self-employed or do consulting work.


Students will gain hands on experience working on the public under instructor’s supervision performing a complete range of skin and body services including: Laser hair removal, Photofacials for aged skin, Treatments for Acne, Vascular & Pigmented lesions. Students will be working with the Dermeo IPL – a high end and safe laser made in France.


Topics of study:

  • General laser physics
  • Utilizing laser and light technology
  • Safety training in the use of lasers
  • Clinical hands on training and practice with IPL laser
  • Theory of Intense Pulsed – IPL
  • Skin assessment for treatments with IPL


The Skin Care Fundamentals course introduces a set of both hands on and theoretical skills needed for the basic application of a skin care treatment. This course will provide all the material and information needed to perform fundamental skin care treatments with a professional cosmetic treatment line.

It has been particularly designed for individuals looking to begin a career in skin care or for the beauty professional that wants to gain further information on this lucrative skill set.