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Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005


Our students have the unique opportunity to gain knowledge and support from Schwartzkopf’s international training community. Top global stylists from around the world lend their expertise to the Gina’s College community – through specialized training programs, events, and training on the latest trends and runway looks.




Do you have a passion for beauty? Want a rewarding career that ignites your creativity, lets you interact with people all day, and gives you the freedom to make your own schedule? A career in hairstyling is for you! 

Gina’s College has been a leader in the beauty industry for over 30 years. With our innovative hairstyling program, we bring the industry expertise, exceptional professionalism and hands-on style that has become a Gina’s College trademark. Our students benefit from our state of the art facilities, learning the fundamental skills of hairstyling along with more advanced hair artistry principles. With passionate instructors and a cutting-edge curriculum, our students learn advanced hair artistry through a combination of practical work and exciting projects, like our photoshoot.  

A strong focus on practical skills means that our students get to work in our sleek and modern salon – so they gain real experience working on clients in a high end salon setting. Our signature communication series develops the outstanding customer service and teamwork skills that allow our graduates to excel in the industry. When they graduate, our students are well-prepared for successful careers and ready to thrive in this creative and rewarding industry.

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  • High school diploma
  • Successful entrance interview




  • Fundamental Skills of Hairstyling: cultivate a solid understanding of fundamental skills and theory, learning the principles of hair design while begining to develop their creative eye. Some highlights include: wet and dry styling techniques, understanding the hair and scalp, blow drying techniques, braiding, tool awareness and more…
  • Advanced Hair Artistry: This is where students learn to develop their creativity! Our foundational system of hair cutting and colouring allows our students to go beyond basic cuts and colour techniques to create personalized, fashionable looks for any client.
  • Salon Management: This is where it all comes together as students gain practical experience working in our salon on clients from the public. The Gina’s College Signature Holistic Communication Series develops the outstanding customer service and teamwork skills that will allow our graduates to excel in the industry. Highlights of this term include: makeup artistry; advanced cutting, colouring, styling and upstyling; competition and stage work, photoshoots, bridal projects, and more.


Our beautiful, state of the art facilities offer students a sleek and modern setting, so that they gain real experience in a high end salon. We offer our students the latest and best equipment, including free-standing ergonomic sinks from Italy, custom-made work stations for productive practice space, and a large salon lit with natural light. Our students use the industry’s top products in their kits.