College Director Cristina Ramirez Featured in Elevate Magazine

Gina’s College Director Cristina Ramirez was featured as a skin care expert in the latest issue of Elevate Magazine. In the article, Cristina discusses the latest trend in skin care – the detox facial. Specifically she discusses the detox treatment available from Diego Dalla Palma’s RVB SKINLAB. This new treatment involves using innovative cosmetceutical ingredients to stimulate your skin’s own natural detoxifying process.

Cristina recommends a detox treatment in the spring to get your skin ready for summer. During the hot summer months, our skin faces more stress thanks to increased sun, sweat, smog and sunscreen – all of which can slow down your skin’s processes, leaving it distressed and dull. She recommends the RVB SKINLAB Miscellar Cleansing Water, and the RVB SKINLAB Detox Serum to be used at home to refresh and detoxify your skin, so that your skin can look its best this summer.

To read more of Cristina’s advice – read the article in Elevate Magazine!